Thank you for visiting MCTExpert, Inc. Your source for a high quality Microsoft Certified Trainer. I'm Jason Yoder, and I would welcome the opportunity to instruct for you.

Jason did a great job. He was very helpful and you can tell he really loves his job.(Sjesionowski)

Great Instructor(Anonymous14587887)

Great instructor, would definitely recommend. (ANONYMOUS11661443)

I am not just giving out 9s to be nice. Jason obviously knew the course well and used that knowledge to provide oustanding training. (ANONYMOUS11329375)

Best Microsoft instructor I've had thus far (ANONYMOUS10845462)

Excellent job Jason! (dspieth)

Jason was an excellent teacher, very down to earth and easy going !!! (epaniak)

Jason did a great job of combining personal experience into the book learning part of the class. (ANONYMOUS08590124)

I thought Jason seemed very knowledgeable in the subject and was very responsive to questions posed by the class participants. (ANONYMOUS08413083)

Jason did very well presenting the material, provided good real world instances. If Jason did not know the answer to a question, he wrote it down and provided a response the next day. Very good job! (ANONYMOUS0839053

Jason, seemed very knowledgable and carried himself well. (ANONYMOUS08390527)

Instructor was very good at taking time to answer all student questions, stopping anywhere in the session to answer those questions to the students satification. (ANONYMOUS08253260)

What ever he is getting paid he should get a raise. (ANONYMOUS08253231)

Great job, I learned much this week. (greera)

Jason seems to be a very seasoned IT Professional. He adds real world experiences to the class... (thartz)

Jason did a very good job isolating our strengths and weaknesses, skimming subject material that would have been a waste of our time, and going into additional depth in areas where we had little experience. (ANONYMOUS08149006)

My lifetime instructor average: 8.6 on a 9 point scale (as reported by Metrics That Matter)

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